Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival 2012

Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by people across Philippines. The festival takes place in the Puerto Galera area in Philippines. One of the major attractions of this festival is the presence of Mount Malasimbo itself in the background of Puerto Galera.

Lets get the Party Started
Lets get the Party Started @ Malasimbo

Puerto Galera is mainly located on the northern tip on the island of Mindoro. Puerto Galera provides visitors with an unparalleled experience to visitors, especially when it comes to scuba diving.

The festival actually reflects the continuing advancements that the country has made in music, arts as well as cultural landscape. The festival also conveys a compelling message to the people across the world on marine preservation as well as reforestation by means of combining the spirit of blending traditional as well as contemporary arts & culture.

Malasimbo festival mainly takes place in the outdoors of a natural amphitheater which is situated on the foot of Mount Malasimbo.

The festival is mainly a two day event which coincides with the full moon that showcases on the Mangyan tribe’s art and music along with traditional handicrafts that includes weaving as well as basketry.

The Malasimbo festival is also seen as a way of promoting natural eco tourism resources by wooing both the domestic as well as international tourists. The Malasimbo festival usually takes place in the month of March every year.

The main sponsors of this festival include well known brands. Some of them are Sofitel Luxury Hotels, Lafarge, Rogue, Ticket World, Manila Light and Travel Life Magazine. The festival is also sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Philippines.

The festival showcases visual art pieces of well known personalities such as Billy Bonnevie, Gus Albor, Karla Cachola, Agnes Arellano and Niccolo Jose.

The music performances in the Malasimbo festival include the presence of performers such as Joe Bataan who is also known as the Latin Soul King as well as DJ Kentaro who is a hip hop DJ from Japan.

For providing more fun and entertainment for the visitors who comes for the festival, Malasim Boat Parties are also provided which will give the visitors a memorable view of the lush green area with crystal clear waters in Puerto Galera.

Workshops are also provided at the Sculpture Garden which provides visitors an opportunity to enjoy the art forms such as jewelry making, yoga, crafts class, art class, carving workshop as well as drum making classes.

The visitors can get around Puerto Galera by means of using public transportation services such as air-conditioned buses as well as ferry service. Visitors can also reach Puerto Galera by using private charters.

The visitors can also choose to sit on the mats as well as throw pillows in Mount Malasimbo rain forest as the background and surrounded by trees. The festival always provides a limelight on the natural beauty of Puerto Galera in addition to showcasing the Arts as well as Musical richness in Philippines. It is sure a place worth visiting once in a lifetime!

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