Guimaras Manggahan Festival 2010 showcases local celebrations

The provincial government of Guimaras here showcases the various municipal and barangay celebrations during its Manggahan Festival that kicked off April 5.

Manggahan Festival 2010

The island-province boasts of at least 21 annual local celebrations ranging from municipal level fair of ‘Asinan Festival’ to the more prominent ‘Ang Pagtaltal Sa Balaan Bukid.’

Guimaras, aside from its main mango produce, also celebrates 10 barangay-level festivals. These are the Banigan Festival, Bayuhan Festival, Kadagatan Festival, Karosahan Festival, Layagan Festival, Rosas Sa Baybayon Festival, Sarangola Festival, Sibiran Festival, Pangasi Festival, and Niyogyogan Festival.

Banigan Festival focuses on the use of ‘banig’ or dried pandan leaves as mats and various handicrafts. It is celebrated every April 15 at Barangay Sapal, in the municipality of San Lorenzo while Layagan Festival is slated every May 1. In this event, Guimarasnon boasts of their sailing prowess at Brgy. Hoskyn in the town of Jordan, facing the Iloilo Strait.

Also featured as part of the Manggahan Festival are the series of annual festivals such as Asinan Festival, Balsahan Festival, Bulantihan Festival, Sadsaran Festival and Palayag Festival.

Asinan Festival focuses on the use of salt or ‘asin’ while the Balsahan Festival is all about the use of ‘balsa’ or local canoe and sailboat as tools for business and cultural heritage.

Other annual celebrations of Guimaras include the Harvest Festival, Iwag Sang Paskua every December, Kasadyahan Sa Kabukiran, and Paskua Sa Barangay.

The Manggahan Festival is Guimaras’ annual province-wide event that showcases its various products, tourism destinations, beaches, as well as the festivals in the barangay and municipal level.

The Guimaras Tourism Office invites public to join these town’s festivities and may visit the Department of Tourism for more information on these events. (PNA)

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