Department of Tourism launches ‘Vinta Sailing at Paseo’ in Zamboanga

Vinta sailing is now an additional attraction at the scenic Paseo del Mar, which is the newest leisure park in this southern port city.

Vinta Zamboanga
Vinta Zamboanga

This came after the Department of Tourism (DOT) in partnership with the local government officially launched “Vinta Sailing at Paseo” as part of the effort to preserve and promote Zamboanga City’s cultural identity through colorful vinta sails and at the same time develop new programs to attract both domestic and foreign tourists.

DOT Regional Director Maryjune Bugante and Mayor Celso Lobregat spearheaded the launching program on Saturday drawing crowds of people–tourists and local residents–each one hoping to get the chance to feel the fun-filled experience aboard the vinta.

The Vinta Sailing at Paseo will be available every Saturday and Sunday at an affordable cost of P50 for a 20-30 minutes ride around the picturesque Paseo del Mar, according to Bugante.

At least five boats or vintas with colorful sails will be on standby at the Paseo del Mar for anyone who wishes to enjoy the sea ride, Bugante said.

She said the main objective of Vinta Sailing at the Paseo is to provide additional tourism product both for the locals and the tourists and at the same time provide the badjaos, who operate the vintas or boats, an additional income.

The vintas or boats being used in the campaign have complied with the requirements set by the DOT, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and other concerned agencies.

Each passenger will be equipped with life vests.

Lobregat commended the DOT initiative saying it makes the tourism branding “More Fun in the Philippines and More Fun in Zamboanga” very meaningful.

Aside from the unique language Chabacano, which is a derivative of the Spanish language, the vinta sail is also one of the symbols of Zamboanga City.

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