Vamos a la Orlando!

Summer is in full swing but don’t think that’s an excuse not to take the family on an excellent vacation! While June, July and August are typically our favorite months to take a break and see some sights, there are twelve months in a year and 2012 is poised for vacation greatness! There are many great deals available right throughout the year and it would be remiss of you to neglect the opportunity to make some memories with your family. One particularly hot spot is the ever popular Orlando. With the best Orlando vacation packages 2012 has to offer, you’ll be taking pictures, basking in the sun, swimming in ocean and dancing the night away in no time!

Having doubts? Wondering why you should take the family to Orlando?

In one word – FUN! Our great country can offer a plethora of sights, sounds and activities that the entire family can enjoy but few places can bring it all together the way Orlando can. This is fun that’s scalable and flexible – if you’re a tiny family of two or three or riot sized rowdy bunch of ten or more, Orlando can accommodate your numbers effortlessly. Orland has a few choice offerings for the vacationing public to choose from including Disney World and Universal Studios. The best part about both of these venues is that they cater to three niches all in one convenient place – kids, adults and families. This means that everyone can have a good time together or apart. You can do the things that mean the most to you without compromising on time or options. Home to some of the most world famous, world class restaurants, you and the family will feast like kings! Feel the need to shop till you drop? We’re not talking about dinky souvenir shacks full of knick knacks – luxury items for you or affordable fun items for everyone else are all just within reach. With places like spas, theme parks, restaurants and shopping centers to choose from, there is no way you can lose on an Orlando vacation extravaganza!

Jot down this tip to help you amp up your vacation experience in Orlando this year!

  1. Don’t wait till you get there to decide the kind of vacation experience you’re looking to have. Remember, Orlando can only do so much for you as you are willing to invest! This isn’t exclusive to Orlando however, if you don’t do your research and come up with an action packed agenda, it doesn’t matter where you go, your vacation will fall flat. What are you and your family into? D you want to be a kid again and visit the theme parks to ride every ride? If this vacation going to double as a gastronomic escape to the unknown? Maybe mom and the girls are looking to replenish and rejuvenate with some super luxurious spa activities? It doesn’t matter – planning ahead will ensure that your vacation scores big on fun for everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Vamos a la Orlando!”

  1. I was thinking the same thing after Pebble Beach! I just don’t see it. It is kind of homely!

  2. Our family stayed in a 3-bedroom unit. Very well-maintained, clean and spacious. We were in Orlando from Nov 10-17, so it was a quiet week at the resort. The pool near registration is a decent size–not as large as some similar resorts nearby (we stayed at the Sheraton Vistiana previously). Thereis a larger pool on the property, but it was set off on the other side of the property. Overall, a great family resort when visiting Orlando–particularly in terms of the size and upkeep of the rooms. My one minor issue is that our once weekly “housekeeping” was sub par–beds were made and towels replaced, however, definitely not a thouroughcleaning of the bathroomsand kitchen counters and sink. Not a huge issue, butif you are going to have the service, you should make sure it is done well….

  3. Orlando is like Boracay in the Philippines. The sand, water, everything. It’s just the population in the Boracay Beach disgusts. But still, you can enjoy it. OMG, I love beach!

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