Philippine Department of Tourism lights up Cebu Heritage monument

    The Department of Tourism (DOT) has completed the P2-million restoration of the Cebu Cultural Heritage Monument in the historic Barangay Parian district which is now lighted at night and available for viewing to tourists and locals alike who want to revisit key events in Cebu’s history.

    Cebu Heritage Monument

    DOT Secretary Joseph “Ace” Durano said that if the rehabilitation of the monument turns out to be his last project as tourism chief, it is one he will be proud of.

    “As Cebu continues to urbanize, it is paramount to preserve and highlight the culture of Cebu,” he said.

    “What distinguishes Cebu apart from the other areas in the country is the combination of its natural beauty, cultural assets and its modernity. Those are the reasons Cebu became the top destination brand of the country,” he said.

    He recently projected a 15-percent growth in tourist arrivals this year in the country’s top 14 destinations, a list that Cebu led in 2009.

    DOT officials and the Cebu City Government hosted the ceremonial switch-on of the lights Friday night.

    Cebu City Councilor Arsenio Pacaña, chairman of the council’s committee on cultural heritage, said the monument must be preserved as the “cornerstone to the glorious historic past and the richness of the Cebuano’s cultural heritage.”

    It took the national artist Eduardo Castrillo almost five years to complete the P33.2-million sculptural tableau. It depicts key events and characters in Cebu’s history.

    “We all have a stake in this amazing, stunning and imposing monument, so let’s promote our culture by preserving the sculpture,” said Vice Mayor Michael Rama.

    Durano added it is fitting to continue preserving the monument because a good look at Cebu’s history is something tourists and locals alike will appreciate.

    1 thought on “Philippine Department of Tourism lights up Cebu Heritage monument

    1. Props to the authorities for upholding and promoting the heritage of Cebu City. The leap towards modernization does have its drawbacks. Hopefully, the museums throughout Cebu will also be preserved (, along with the cherished monuments. The rich culture behind such historical places can end up in oblivion that’s why such noble steps must be taken, lest we forget.

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