Philippine Department of Tourism promotes Boracay rock as tourism landmark

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The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) has pledged to include the new grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary in what now to be considered as the Boracay rock as one of the tourism landmarks in this resort island.

Boracay Parish priest Fr. Maglore Placer said that tourism officials had called him and vowed to include the Boracay rock in its tourism promotions around the world.

Around 3,500 Catholic devotees witnessed the ceremonial re-enthronement of the two-foot statue Thursday afternoon.

The ceremony took place after the owner of the original statue removed the image and pledged to replace it with a Ten Commandments Tablet last week.

But the Catholic Church was furious with the owner’s decision.

For 20 years, the grotto has become one of the most favorite places to shoot by passing tourists.

With the support of the local council declaring the rock as owned by the government, the grotto has been reconstructed and a new Virgin Mary image has been installed.

Fr. Placer said that tourists coming to this resort island would be going back to the Boracay Rock and once again shoot photo of the new image.

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