Kawasan Falls in Cebu : one of 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world

The now famous one –liner catch phrase: “It’s more fun in the Philippines” continued to score in the tourism world as Yahoo Travel tagged the Enchanted Kawasan Falls in Cebu as one of the world’s ten most beautiful waterfalls.

Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls (photo courtesy of www.kawasanfalls.net)

Yahoo described the three Enchanted Kawasan Falls as “surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and hidden between the mountainous peaks of Barangay Matutinao and Badian” on the island of Cebu, a good 55-minute by plane from Manila.

Visitors will have to climb for 30 minutes to reach the three idyllic falls perched above a mountain in the southern part of Cebu.

The Enchanted Kawasan Waterfalls are popular among locals and foreign tourists “who come to swim in the cool lagoons, sit under their spray, and float on bamboo rafts,” Yahoo said in its website.

To promote tourism in the Philippines, the Department of Tourism (DoT) has adopted a new come on advertising blitz “It’s more fun in the Philippines” where tourists can marvel countless of nature’s beauties in various parts of the country’s 7,107 islands.

The other nine famous waterfalls are the Yosemite Falls and Snoqualmie both in the United States, Chasing Waterfall in Iceland, Devil’s Punchbowl in South Island in New Zealand, Iguazu Falls in Brazil, Jungfrau in Switzerland, Lower Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania, both in the United States and Jägala Falls in Estonia.

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