Arena Island: Palawan’s most beautiful Pawikan (turtle) habitat

Beautiful and awesome Arena Island is home to the now endangered sea turtles, or pawikan, which makes it a noteworthy sanctuary for marine life preservation. By keeping the island unmarred through responsible tourism, Arena Island, along with the people who visit the island, share a commitment to provide these sea creatures a habitat of their own.

Baby Pawikan Turtle in Arena Island Palawan
A baby sea turtle like this freely roams to and fro the fairy-like Arena Island which remains unspoiled despite its discovery by local and foreign tourists.

Staying at this few and far between paradise comes with a price, and it does so for its sheer exclusivity, which allows travelers to experience the natural sights of this island all to their own — while protecting these wonders too.

Apart from the pawikan, an underwater spectacle of diverse corals and marine creatures also await every eco-tourist of Arena Island.

By providing a home for some of the country’s best-kept resources and offering customized travel to make every stay worthwhile, this perfect getaway destination continues to uphold and share the country’s innate beauty and culture of hospitality to the world.

More than a picturesque space for relaxation, Arena Island is a source of local pride, continually communicating the message of environmental consciousness and sustainable tourism to every traveler who gets to tread its beautiful shores.

Away from the busy tourist spots in Palawan, Arena Island is a luxurious private destination that, offers a unique, eco-friendly stay for the traveler looking for an authentic get-away trip.

To set foot in Arena Island is to bask in the charming panorama of nature, markedly enhanced by the flour-like sand that abound in this exquisite island.

Hidden and unspoiled, this little retreat off the coast of Narra, Palawan promises an unparalleled respite truly distinct from the more frequently visited resorts and leisure sites across the country.

With its fine white sands, pristine waters, and the lush expanse of trees that grow within its four- hectare landscape, Arena Island exudes a restful atmosphere instantaneously felt meters away in the boat ride approaching this exclusive, tropical paradise.

Once there, one will find that the island is an exceptional hideaway paradox in itself: It is secluded yet modern, lavish yet eco-friendly.

Arena Island joins other few uncharted places, which, by their characteristic seclusion, have become troves of untarnished beauty ideal for a vacation defined by genuine tranquility and freedom.

While Arena Island offers a commune-with-nature experience, its accommodations beautifully combine design elements both rustic and contemporary, reminiscent of a relaxing and convenient retreat house off the Caribbean, sans the outdoor view of a crowded beach or outstretched industrial edifices.

Enriching one’s private stay are the exclusive services of highly trained locals including professional chefs and butlers who dutifully delight guests with native dishes using the freshest catch of the day.

Also, complementing the cool breeze rolling up the beautiful waters of Arena Island is the soothing massage work of first-rate masseuses guaranteed to lull one into a deep, comforting sleep—a perfect treat after a long day of sun, water and sand.

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