Iloilo Paraw Regatta 2010 kicks off in Iloilo Sunday

Paraw Regatta 2010 in Iloilo

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The Iloilo Paraw Regatta, dubbed as Asia’s oldest and largest sailing competition in search for a “perfect wind” is set to kick here on Sunday.

The sailing competition, now on its 38th year, is not only a showcase of the seamanship of Ilonggos but it will also highlight the culture of the residents of Iloilo.

This year’s competition has for its theme, “Honoring Proud Filipino Seafaring Traditions.”

Tourism regional director Edwin Trompeta said the sailboat race makes use of boats with outrigger that were also used “centuries ago designed for energy conservation.”

“Until today it is still useful because nowadays it is being used for transport services for our products from islands to another island, as school transportation for schoolchildren when they go to school in another island and for emergency purposes,” he added. “It’s there always, very reliable aside from being useful for livelihood and for their families.”

Trompeta said with a budget of about P1.5 million, the Iloilo Paraw Regatta Foundation, the DOT and the local governments of Iloilo and Guimaras with other private partners lined up 16 major activities aside from the main event, which is the sailboat race on February 21.

The week-long event will kick off on Sunday with a mass at the Arevalo Parish Church followed by a formal opening program Monday afternoon at the SM City Events Center.

The series of activities include the Miniature Paraw Making Contest, Search for the Miss Iloilo Paraw Regatta, Torch Parade, Sinamba sa Reggata Mardigras, rowing and paddling competition, Slalom and Fishing Competitions, beach football, Frisbee, women and men beach volleyball, Pinta Layag, Pintawo and Fireworks by the Sea.

The organizers are looking forward to a higher number of entries for the Paraw Sailing Competition, than last year’s 75.

The entries in three categories will have to sail from the Iloilo Villa Beach towards Jordan in Guimaras back to the Villa Beach for a distance of more or less 34 kilometers. (PNA)

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