Casinos in The Philippines

There are many reasons for people to visit the Philippines. From the different culture to the great beaches and cheap accommodations, there is something for everyone. One of the attractions for American tourists who live in states that do not allow gambling, are the diverse casinos.

Start in Cabu where one of the best views can be seen from your room in the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. Request an upper floor and you won’t be disappointed. The location is very convenient since it is near bars, malls and a nice park. The main attraction of this hotel is by far the casino which is an entire section of the hotel.

With a casino like this you are sure to find all of your favorite games and slots. If you are used to gambling online or often play roulette at intercasino and win then you may walk away with enough to cover your trip or at least your stay at the hotel!

While you are in Cebu don’t miss the Santo Nino Basilica which is a famous church dating all the way back to the Spanish colonial era. Besides the religious aspect and the beautiful art work you will be fascinated by the history surrounding the church.

Another great option for a hotel and casino is located in Manila. Here you will find the Hyatt Hotel and Casino which is rated five stars. It is a luxury hotel with views over the bay and an on-site spa. The casino is the largest in the Philippines and considered to be the most technologically advanced.

While in Manila make sure you check out the Ayala Museum which will give you a true taste of the jewelry and culture that existed during the time of the Spanish. There are also a number of gardens and walking tours you can do so be sure to get a map and take a stroll around the city.

Bacalod City is known as the entrance to the “sugar bowl” of the Philippines. However, before you head out to taste some sweetness, you will want to check into the Casino Filipino. Here you will find hundreds of slot machines, loads of tables to play at and great food.

The city of Bacalod is absolutely beautiful and offers numerous outdoor activities. There are golf courses, hiking trails and scuba diving options. Of you have time it is best to venture outside the city and visit the amazing 7 falls.

Wherever you chose to stay during your visit to the Philippines make sure you check out the top casinos and attractions. You won’t be disappointed!

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