The UK’s Best Entertainment Hotspots

It may be a small island but the UK has a wealth of rolling countryside, expansive history and amazing entertainment hotspots. With the summer season approaching, many of the tourist guides are focussed on the larger entertainment complexes like Alton Towers, but there are numerous small hidden gems nestled across the country; so here are our top picks for this year and many summers to come!

Casino in UKA Flavour of Las Vegas at Grosvenor Casinos

The UK has many small casinos, but Grosvenor casinos are one group of British establishments that stand out from the rest. Of course, they have a wealth of traditional games, awesome slots and nail biting poker matches; but they also offer so much more entertainment that they are up there with the casinos of Sin City. There are many Grosvenors dotted around the country and they each offer their own, diverse range of specialised evenings and casino packages that can be used during your entire holiday. As an example, last year in the City of Manchester, Grosvenor sported a chilli contest Рhow much chilli can you eat; covered in the local media, this was a great way  to integrate the casino with the community. Wherever you decide to stay this year, make sure you take a trip to you local Grosvenor casino for some fast paced blackjack, amazing food and incredible atmosphere.

zombie-survival-experience-08135730A trip back in time

You cannot visit the UK without taking in some of the historical sites and there are certainly many to choose from. Of course, you should visit the bigger historical sites such as Tower of London or the Conway Castle, but there are many smaller sites that offer visitors the chance to experience historical Britain in all its glory. Culzaen Castle on the Ayrshire coast is just one of these sites and offers enough entertainment to keep the family busy for the whole week. Set within 26 miles of woodlands and gardens, Culzaen castle dates back to 1792 and is not only a glorious sight, but also a fabulous place to explore. Set next to the sea; whale watching, dolphin spotting and Scottish seals are often visible to tourists. If you prefer the woodlands then look out for the wild boar and rare deers.

GoApe2A Jungle Adventure in the UK

Go Ape opened its door for the first time over 10 years ago and has been entertaining adults and children alike ever since. There are various sites across the country that offer us the chance to become real life Tarzans. Not for those of us who are afraid of heights; Go Ape is set high amongst the tress inn some of the UK’s most beautiful woodland and the general gist is that you travel through the woods by climbing up the trees – there is no room for walking the grounds here, you will be swinging from tree to tree. Great for a day out and of course you do get an instructor – safety first – there are also many cafe’s dotted around to help you recover afterwards.

Survival Days – Yes you did read that correctly

Ever wondered what you would do if a zombie apocalypse hit the UK? Whether you would run and hide or stay and fight, why not find out with a day at zombie survival training. Start your day learning how to fight the un-dead, or get made up to become a zombie of your choice; after which you will be put to the test in a realistic, zombie survival scenario. The days change location throughout the year, they are sometimes in shopping malls, other times the countryside – you will need to decide what scenario you fancy, but either way you will be up close and personal with some of the world’s most frightening monsters.


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