88 Hotspring Resort in Calamba Laguna

    Set in the beautiful spa town of Calamba, Laguna and just 40 miles South of Manila is the place where luxury infuses with tradition. This is 88 Hotspring Resort & Spa.

    88 Hotspring Resort

    Built at the base of the legendary Mount Makiling, our resort makes for a relaxing experience. Be in close proximity to lush rainforests and the largest lake in the Philippines, Laguna de Bay. For hundreds of years, locals have been relying on Mount Makiling’s hot springs to heal and restore their bodies. We channel this miraculous water to flow into outdoor baths and spas for your enjoyment.

    Best Resort in Calamba

    The heat of the water increases oxygen flow and blood circulation. It relaxes the muscles and removes toxins through perspiration. It also exposes the body to the rich minerals contained in the water leading to smoother and softer skin. The water makes the human body lighter and movements easier which produces positive effects on the human psyche.

    Hotspring in Laguna

    Some skin and body related ailments are also treated with Balneotherapy and Hydrotherapy. Balneotherapy is the treatment of disease by bathing. Hydrotherapy involves soaking in spring water for pain relief. Most rheumatic, arthritic and skin problems are treated with these two types of therapy.

    At 88 Hotspring Resort, the outdoor spa area spreads out to ten outdoor pools surrounded by well-maintained landscape and shaded by scattered palm & coconut trees. The reception includes a gift shop, a lounge, and a restaurant while massage huts and outdoor bars are strewn around the property.

    Laguna Resorts

    Your children can select their own method of entertainment from swimming, horseback riding, animal petting, fishing and other activities. Even the natural garden setting and the friendly service made it possible for us to receive an award from the Department of Tourism as the Best Resort in Laguna back in 2007.

    It’s time to leave the city behind you. Relax, unwind and renew your body and soul in your own tropical oasis.

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    1. this looks like beautiful place to visit, i would love to check out those hot springs, it could really take the years off.

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