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    Team Manila is a diverse disciplined graphic design studio that is based in the Philippines. Team Manila was founded in 2001 and ever since then its intention has been to inspire Pinoys around the world through creative art. Team Manila Lifestyle comes out with Limited Edition T-Shirts that can be purchased online or at one of their retail stores.

    I love Manila

    Team Manila has always been about integrating local flavor into their designs in order to inspire passion, teamwork and optimism amongst the Filipino people. This year in order to advance the brand worldwide, Team Manila Lifestyle has put up a full online store which will enable them to distribute and support their product not only throughout the Philippines but on a global scale as well.

    That being said though, they will still remain committed to developing their products, giving them substance and making sure they always represent the best of positive Filipino values.

    Currently they still have stores in almost all major malls in Metro Manila.

    Team Manila can attribute allot of their growth to their unique method of online social marketing. Before there was even a Facebook or Twitter, they were already engaging their customers regarding the products they were considering offering.

    Their method was to upload a few designs to the people on their mailing list and let those members choose which ones they would develop.

    Team Manila Store

    The top six designs voted for would be the ones they would print and offer in the stores. Once Facebook and Twitter caught on, this democratic inclusion of customers into the planning stage really boosted the popularity of Team Manila Lifestyle products.

    One of the online strategies they found to be key was to find ways for their customers to re-tweet posts which increases their reach. Through humor and nonsensical musings, they were able to accomplish that.

    Team Manila Lifestyle

    The new Team Manila website now not only features men, women and children categories, but also accessories and collaborations with other designers.

    Photos Courtesy of Team Manila Online Shop

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    1. hi im bubbles from new zealand i want to buy the couple shirt. apart from purple shirt do u have black shirt?

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