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Not many people enjoy airports enough. They’re actually pretty great places, it’s just nobody takes the time to notice. Most airport buildings are beautifully designed, all panel glass and stylish curves. Take Heathrow’s new Terminal 5, it’s a spectacular building but nobody seems to see that. Why is this? I’d vouch for the fact that the stress and strain of departure day is getting in the way.

Worlds Best Airports
Worlds Best Airports

More often then not people pass through an airport in a whirlwind of worry and time pressure. When there’s a check-in desk to be reached the last thing anyone does will be take a minute to appreciate the airport. If only people arrived relaxed, refreshed and with plenty of time.

Well, book into an airport hotel for the night before you fly and you can do just this. You’ll enjoy a lovely evening making the most of the hotel’s facilities, and when departure day comes around you’ll be able to enjoy a big hearty breakfast before making your way calmly over to the terminal – with plenty of time to enjoy the design and everything else that’s on offer.

There are hotels to choose from at all the airports around the UK, from Stansted airport hotels and Dublin airport hotel to hotels near Heathrow. So wherever you’re flying from you can enjoy a better start to your holiday.

What’s more, companies like have got parking covered too. Everyone knows that driving to the airport is the best way to get there and the only reason you wouldn’t is because of extortionate parking prices. But with deals on things like Gatwick hotels packages that’s no longer a problem. You’ll get all the positives of a relaxing night in a hotel as well as a great deal on parking.

The best thing about it is how much better you’ll feel on departure day. You’ll be rested and happy, full of food and ready for anything the airport can throw at you. With the added sleep and extra time, everything will be much less stressful and decidedly less chaotic. You won’t be aggravated by all the rushing around and you’ll be in a much better mindset to appreciate the airport and all it has to offer – you might even enjoy your holiday a bit more too.

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  1. Den@business travel companies

    For me LAX and the one in Dubai is the best looking airports in the world.

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