Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

I always love a great parade, but when the parade is made up of all the characters and songs that you’ve grown up with, that’s when things really lighten up in the soul and suddenly, we all feel like kids again.

flight of fantasy
Thousands of Spectators

While there were many memorable and beautiful moments in my first visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, I think that perhaps the one that touched me the most was watching the Flights of Fantasy Parade.

Flights of Fantasy Parade
Flights of Fantasy Parade

The Flights of Fantasy Parade was exclusively created for Hong Kong Disneyland’s 5th Anniversary. There’s just something remarkable about watching your childhood friends come to life and while I admit that I was mostly grown when the Lion King, Toy Story,and Lilo and Stitch debuted, I still watched them with the childlike suspension of disbelief that Disney has always been so great at inspiring – even in crusty old adults like me.

Hawaiian Dancers
Hawaiian Dancer

Parades are always fun, but this parade took things to a new level with professionally choreographed songs, dances, and more than a few surprises.

I finally met Snow White
I finally met Snow White

I had no idea Mickey could do so much, but there he was doing more than is humanly possible (after all, he’s not human, he’s a mouse) and orchestrating the entire procession.

Disney Princesses on Parade
Disney Princesses on Parade

I can’t think of a Disney character that didn’t make an appearance in the parade. Belle from Beauty and the Beast and of course the Beast was there too. I also saw Cinderella in her chariot and she’s really beautiful.

Is that Goofy
Is that Goofy

Still, what more could you want. I saw youngsters singing with the songs, old folks dancing, and more than a few tears amidst the thousands of smiles.

The thing about a parade is really the feeling of the crowd who is participating and with the Flights of Fantasy Parade, I felt like everyone was emotionally invested.

Those songs carry memories and while this was a Flight of Fantasy, the joy the crowd was expressing was 100% real. That, more than anything that was in the parade was what the magic was all about from my perspective.

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