Hot Summer caused by El Nino phenomenon seen to boost Cebu’s tourism sector

Cebu’s tourism sector has seen the current dry spell as a boon to the province’s flourishing tourism industry.

Shangri-la Mactan Cebu Beach Resort

Though the El Nino phenomenon is affecting the country in terms of water and food supplies, tourism ventures are expected to increase during the dry spell as foreigners form colder countries take advantage of the heat, said Department of Tourism Secretary Joseph “Ace” Durano.

Durano, who was in Cebu over the weekend, said that although current water supply and power supply such as the ones supplied by hydroelectric energy are affected by they El Nino phenomenon, foreign tourism remains at its peak and may even go up.

He said that for tourist-visited areas in the country like Cebu, the El Nino phenomenon may prove a blessing in disguise.

”El Nino is beneficial to us, since longer winters are being experienced by western countries and with the long winter, more tourists from these areas are coming in to our country just to experience the warm climate,” said Durano.

Meanwhile, Durano urged hotels and inns to promote a culture of conservation when it comes to using limited resources.

In order to save a limited supply of water, hotels and inns can recycle used water that can be reused for their plants and surroundings. The establishments can also use energy-saving appliances that can help cut power cost.

Cebu topped the list of 14 most visited Philippine destinations in 2009, hosting 1,615,982 tourists, nearly 29 percent of them foreigners. (PNA)

5 thoughts on “Hot Summer caused by El Nino phenomenon seen to boost Cebu’s tourism sector”

  1. Hopefully, this would be the case for the sake of our country. The effects we’re having right now is really scary especially for our agriculture industry. We might get a spike in the travel sector but the real effects of El Nino would be felt when we don’t have enough supply of food.
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  3. But of course, the El Nino phenomenon does have more drawbacks than benefits. For instance, there's dehydration to deal with. That's why one must be prepared for his/her Cebu trip in order to avoid future disappointments. Here are some essential travel tips for Cebu that you may want to keep to heart:

  4. Cebu without the El Nino phenomenon was just a nice quiet beach for millionaires and retired people, now it's became like an extreme sport! Everybody's saving up for a vacation to the isles, and the skin care products and the stay-fit industry keeps flourishing this way.

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