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The Philippines: The Other Melting Pot

Americans tend to think of the states as the ultimate melting pot of cultures; what started as a British colony is now a rich chunky stew of virtually every ethnicity of the world. Most would like to think we are a unique happenstance, but a truly unexpected culture formed on the Indonesian archipelago. Over 7,000 islands, collectively known as the great country of the Philippines, have a distinct Eastern culture seamlessly blended with a thick Western influence.

Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera
Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera

Because of the colonization of the world by Europe, the Philippines became another melting pot of cultures similar to the United States. With its own rich cultural traditions, Club Med worthy beaches and coastal areas, and expansive tropical forests; the island country is an often times missed traveling hotspot for tourists. Here are some of the cultural influences which have been blended into the Philippines: Read the full story

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