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Put your Blood to the Test

Every day, millions of people in the United States are fighting a battle. Some lose, some win, some just barely break even. What battle are we talking about? The battle of health and wellness, of course! Regardless of age, sex, ethnicity and sexual orientation, men and women around the country are spending a lot of money in the hopes of staying healthy. What’s even sadder is that there are even more people who are spending even more money to regain their health. In many instances, prevention is the best cure and there are simple, affordable things that you can do to make the most of your health by optimizing it. One of those things is putting your blood to the test – literally.

There’s a tragic truth we have to come to terms with…

While blood testing may seem like a natural and obvious way to make sure that we’re healthy, not all doctors and physicians share that opinion.

They may take a very basic approach to diagnostics and not even offer the option of complete blood screening. This is very disturbing and pretty tragic when you consider how many conditions and diseases you can detect, treat and / or control if doctors took the time to offer blood testing.

Another important aspect of thorough blood testing is the ability to isolate hereditary medical issues that we may not even be aware of.

So many times, our parents and grandparents pass on without the ability to share their medical history accurately.

It leaves us swimming in the dark and resultantly upset when health issues surface that could have benefitted from precautionary action. This is not an attempt to scare you into having blood work done, but simply hoping to stimulate a proactive interest in your health. Read the full story

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