Department of Tourism will again use ‘Wow Philippines’ slogan

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) here is glad that the old “Wow! Philippines” tourism slogan will again be used after the uproar on the scrapped “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” slogan recently.

Department of Tourism regional executive director Edwin Trompeta said that most tourists find the “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” slogan too awkward, while travel agents and companies are finding it hard to sell to foreigners.

Trompeta, however, said that the sudden change in the tourism branding and slogan has sparked enthusiasm among stakeholders, tourist and public. He said that the clamor on changing the slogans of DOT only showed that the public was aware of the tourism industry as well as its contribution to economy.

Trompeta hoped that the public’s enthusiasm would continue while the DoT finds more ways, including new slogans, to sell the country to tourist and investors. He also said that tourism had been a factor in generating employment and entertainment.

The Wow Philippines slogan was formed by then tourism secretary and former Sen. Richard Gordon, some six years ago.

Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim said over a radio interview on Friday that the tourism department would currently go back to the “Wow! Philippines” slogan while they are yet to make a new tourism branding.

5 thoughts on “Department of Tourism will again use ‘Wow Philippines’ slogan”

  1. Stick with WOW Philippines. It is already a well know worldwide brand for Philippine Tourism. Its marketing brand on lots of souvenirs and Magic Sing products are well entrenched and the slogan has quick “nice” recall.

  2. nanung ginawa mu

    I heard that the tag line now for our country is Philippines so Beautiful..Cant they think of a better adjective, or word to describe our country..It’s too elementary..I agree with Pilpatriot stick to WOW Philippines if they cant come up with a better one.

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