The Golden Mickeys at Hong Kong Disneyland

One of the enjoyable things about Hong Kong Disneyland is the parody of the real world that comes out of many of the rides and attractions.

Group Dance Number
Amazing Dance Number

After all, Disney isn’t the real world, but it is affected by it, profoundly. That’s why I was so amused by the Disney show called The Golden Mickeys at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Like most stage shows this was a musical revue but the funny thing was that it was presented as an awards ceremony similar to the Oscars or the Golden Globe.

Mickey loves to Dance
Mickey loves to Dance

Like the Oscars, this is a completely scripted performance, but the funny thing is that until I watched the Golden Mickey’s, I had never actually thought about the Oscars being scripted. The real world is revealed by the fake one as just as imaginary as the imagined.

The Golden Mickeys came about a few years back on the Disney Cruise Line and proved so popular they moved it to the parks. In the show, the favorite Disney films get nominated for great categories like Best Friend and Bravery.

Stitch dancing Hawaiian
Stitch dancing Hawaiian

It’s a fun treat and makes for a very enjoyable couple of hours. A full symphony accompanies the show and there are more than a few song and dance numbers as well as some very funny antics which I won’t give away here.

Under the Sea
Under the Sea

Some of the song and dance you might recognize come from favorites like Tarzan, Mulan, Toy Story and Lady and the Tramp. Don’t worry Ariel from The Little Mermaid is there too. It was fun to watch the host walking the red carpet as everyone anticipates the appearance of the Disney characters.

End of the Show
End of the Show

The entries are shown on large screens and some of the cutest moments were unscripted kids making their media debuts.

The show is in Cantonese but there were English subtitles and all the songs were in English. The footage of the celebrities arriving in limos and coming in is priceless.

Don’t be surprised if you see everyone standing and clapping after the show. I admit I did.

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