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Lending a Helping Hand Through Addiction

There is still a great downplaying of the true effects and experience of alcoholism in today’s society. While sometimes it is sensationalized in the media, the effects of this addiction are very real and can be detrimental to families and societies around the country.

Alcohol is glorified in our media as a necessity, as a way to have fun, as a way to be cool ad as a way to connect with other people. While these premises have been used for other things like sports and fashion, alcohol is not the best contender.

In fact, it is one of the worse. Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic, which should be stated with clarity. Not everyone who gets drunk is an alcoholic either.

Too much alcohol for your capacity will do that – it will get you drunk but some people are able to move on past inebriation and conduct safe, normal, fulfilling lives.

For others however, it is not that simple. Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol, or rather an addiction to the escape from the sense that alcohol provides. This isn’t like driving a fast car or bungee jumping; it isn’t just about getting a thrill. What alcoholism speaks to is a deep psychological need to fill a particular void or numb oneself from feeling anything at all. Read the full story

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