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Rent and Crash: How to Handle a Hired Car Accident

Accidents are no fun no matter what vehicle you’re in. But they can become extra tricky if you find yourself involved in a mishap in a car that’s not yours. While the major facets of dealing with an accident are the same no matter what automobile you’re operating, there are some extra steps you need to take if you’re in a hired one.

Car Rental AccidentsThe first and most important steps to take if you’re involved in an accident are the same no matter what car you’re in. If you’re in an accident, your priority is to make sure you and the other passengers are safe and not in immediate danger. Then the next move is to call the police to report that accident. While other moves might cross your mind, calling the authorities is always the right play. Check out Drivenows campervan hire page for more information on your next vacation

After that, if you were in your own car, you would be on the phone to contact your insurance company and finding out how to go about getting your car fixed. But if you’re in a rental car, you’ll want to contact the rental car company and see what the next step is on their end. Each company will have its own policies as far as what is required to report an accident. Read the full story

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